Becoming a CanNACHI Member

CanNACHI prides itself on its integrity and of its members and directors and believes in the importance of educating its inspectors and the general public. CanNACHI programs and services empower you to lead your company with effective and dynamic results.

CanNACHI has 3 different membership levels for inspectors with varying stringent levels of qualification. Please take this opportunity to review CanNACHI”s membership levels and their requirements:

CanNACHI recognizes (RHI) designations throughout Canada as equivalent to the CanNACHI CMHI designation. (Proof of RHI designation must be provided and is based on verification).


Certified Master Home Inspectors and Associate members must renew their membership annually. Proof of earning 30 hours of continuing education credits that must be submitted and verified by the board is a membership requirement and must be submitted every year. All members in their first year must do and submit the Mandatory Member Training mini-courses and Quizzes, (found under Continuing Education Policy). Here is how to renew your membership status:

  1. Click here for CanNACHI Renewal Form to be filled out and sent back to us along with:
    • Proof of current CGL & E&O insurance coverage (as stated above in Associate Level description)
    • Proof of Membership Renewal Credits – 30 successfully passed educational credits per year as that CanNACHI promotes continuing education for its members.

Membership levels


Application members are those who are working towards Associate Member status but have not yet completed all the requirements:

  • Achieve minimum 80% passing grade on all test modules from the CanNACHI entrance examination. Once CanNACHI has received your application we will send you a copy of the Entrance Examination including the Statutory Declaration Form and Exam Instructions for both the member and the Proctoring Individual. Exam must be completed and passed before you can be granted the Associate Level.. Home inspector education courses must be a minimum of 200 hours in length. (All exams must to be proctored and timed, documentation submitted to CanNACHI must show exam scores that can be verified by the education provider)
  • Successful completion of 50 hrs of mentorship by an approved training provider. Can be combined with the core education but must be field inspection hours.
  • You must agree to adhere to the CanNACHI Standards of Practice. There is a mandatory quiz on page 3 of the application form that will confirm your understanding of the Standard.
  • You must agree to abide by CanNACHI’s Code of Ethics.
    Applicant must send copies of four (4) separate home inspection reports for verification that are done to the CanNACHI Standards of Practice. They must include inspection addresses, dates and client contact information. If already inspecting for money the reports must be on single-family, detached homes. If not yet inspecting these can be practice inspections and must also include inspection dates and addresses. Please send only the reporting pages.
  • Applicant must send copies of all formal Home Inspection Training Diplomas or Certificates that are relevant to the home inspection industry for verification and approval.(Exams must be proctored and timed and show exam score) to qualify.
  • Submit current members fee.

Upon completion and submission of the application form, your status shall remain as Applicant until verifications have been completed by the CanNACHI Board of Directors as to your level of membership qualification. We will contact you on your status and if more information is needed.

Associate Member

Associate Members that have completed the CanNACHI mandatory educational requirements (200 home inspection education hours, see # 6 under applicant)and have also completed Applicant requirements but that have not completed the mandatory 250 inspections needed for full CMHI certification.

To Qualify as an Associate Member you must also:

  1. Complete all Applicant Requirements and submit all copies of qualifications to CanNACHI.
  2. Successful passing and completion of a Test Inspection Peer Review by a Qualified CanNACHI designated member must be completed- click here for TIPR Guidelines here for TIPR registration form
  3. Submit proof of Errors & Omissions Coverage (minimum $500,000 per claim, and one million aggregate) or as dictated by Provincial Licensing regulations.
  4. Submit proof of General Comprehensive Liability Insurance Coverage.

Note: peer reviews must be conducted by individuals(examiners) that are not involved in the supervision and practical training process (mentorship)

Certified Master Home Inspector (CMHI)

This is the highest designation available to CanNACHI members. Those Inspectors that have successfully completed all CanNACHI’s educational and CMHI requirements as set by the Association and also have performed a minimum (proof must be provided) of 250 fee-paid inspections.

  1. Completed Associate Membership Requirements.
  2. Submit a notarized list of all 250 fee paid inspections (including dates, client’s name(s) and addresses) to the CanNACHI office for 250-Report Standards of Practice Verification of CanNACHI. The administrator will randomly choose 6-8 reports from the list for verification.

Note: Associate members are allowed to perform paid inspections while they are working toward their CMHI designation.

All Associate and CMHI members must complete 30 hours of continuing education credits every year to maintain their membership status, proof of hours and courses must be submitted and verified by the CanNACHI education board. See Continuing Education Policy.

Join or Renew Now

Please complete the application form below and return to us via e-mail or regular mail. Instructions are included in the application form. You may pay via credit card in the application form, or click the button below to buy your membership online using our secure checkout.check this link right here nowHOME – sun protection, sun protective clothing by Sun-Togs

Fill out the application/renewal form

Please complete the application form below and return to us via e-mail or regular mail. You must also verify your understanding of the CanNACHI Standards of Practice by filling out a short quiz in the application form.

Pay membership fee

You may pay via credit card by writing down your information in the application form and we will process the payment, or use the button below to purchase your membership online using our secure checkout.

Await Confirmation

It may take up to 10 business days to process your application. You will receive a confirmation email at which point your membership application or renewal has been confirmed with CanNACHI!