Our Education Policy

  • Continuing Education is an integral aspect of CanNACHI’s mission to help inspectors maintain inspection excellence.
  • Continuing Education permits CanNACHI members to meet the requirements of new home inspection legislation.
  • Continuing Education helps ensure that each member recognizes changes within the home inspection industry.
  • Continuing Education improves our membership’s combined knowledge and helps make CanNACHI a strong association.


Mandatory Member Training:

These mini-courses have been approved by the CanNACHI Education Committee must be completed by all members in their first year of membership and all members who have not yet passed these courses with 100% correct answers on the quizzes. These mini-courses do not count towards the baseline education requirements for membership status/designations. But they do count towards the Continuing Education Policy. Simply click on the file to open or download, read it through thoroughly. Then print off the corresponding quiz, complete, sign, member number, date and fax or scan/email to CanNACHI.

Requirements 30 CEC/year

CanNACHI’s Continuing Education requirements are very straightforward. Members must complete a minimum of 30 hours of continuing education credits (CEC) per calendar year, the attendance of which must be verifiable.

One exception to this rule is for new members, who do not need to complete any continuing education in the first calendar year they join CanNACHI.

Qualifying Continuing Education

CanNACHI’s qualifying subject matter is found in approved course providers section. Including CEC’s earned for other inspection associations, construction seminars, and code enforcement training. Courses, classes, and seminars can qualify but must be submitted to CanNACHI for board approval. Example: A mold seminar that lasts 2 hours qualifies as 2 hours of continuing education. CanNACHI Chapter meetings qualify for 1 hour of continuing education (even though they last longer).

Continuing Education Credits Policy

CanNACHI approved coursesvaries - unlimitedcertificate of completion
Online CanNACHI approved continuing educationvaries - unlimitedpersonal log/submitted Quiz
CanNACHI committee member4 hours/year maxCanNACHI
CanNACHI local chapter officer2 hours/year maxCanNACHI
CanNACHI local chapter meeting1 hour/meetingchapter log and personal log
Published in newspaper, magazine, or IQ1 hour/article - 8 hours maxcopy of published article
Author of published inspection book36 hours/book maxtitle and isbn number
Guest/host on radio or TV inspection show1 hour/appearance - 8 hours maxcopy of audio/video segment
Write CanNACHI approved educational article2 hours/article - 8 hours maxCanNACHI EC approval
On-site inspector mentoring for fellow member1 hour/inspection - 10 hours maxmentored members name
Assisting with Habitat for Humanity or other charityvaries - 8 hours maxCanNACHI EC approval


Certified Infrared Thermography

The Snell Group
556 Edward Avenue Suite 58
Richmond Hill, ON L4C 9Y5

OZONE Certified

O3 Canada
3505 – 42A Avenue NW
Edmonton, AB T6L 4C6

Mold Inspector Certification Training


InterNACHI Training

1750 30th Street,
Boulder, CO 80301

What Doesn't Qualify?

Some things do not qualify as continuing education:

  • Any continuing education that is not verifiable.
  • In-house training. Any training you receive on the job from the inspection company you work for does not qualify as continuing education:
  • Ride-along mentoring. Any training you receive by assisting another inspector does not qualify, however we do reward inspectors who mentor fellow members (see table above).
  • Repeat courses. Taking the same class or course twice does not count double.
  • Indirect subject matter. Business, marketing, accounting, and other subject matter not directly related to the performance of inspections does not qualify.
  • Books and videos. Buying and reading a book or watching a video about inspections is great, but does not qualify as continuing education.

Unsure if it Qualifies?

If you are unsure if something qualifies as continuing education you can get an answer at Education providers can get approval and use CanNACHI’s approved educationseal by contacting CanNACHI for course submission/verification and approved credit hours from CanNACHI.(if your course qualifies)

Members are required to submit all details of their continuing educational accomplishments to the Membership Committee including as much detail as possible. All other proof of completion of courses, seminars, etc. should be retained by the member in case further verification is requested.


  • CanNACHI uses “hours” instead of “units” or “credits.”  Other associations have been accused of awarding greater CE units for courses they have a financial interest in.  We wanted to minimize this subjectivity.  If one course is twice as long as another, it is worth twice as many hours.
  • CanNACHI needs your help. We are making a list of continuing education options.  Please be sure to submit all of your continuing education accomplishments to the Membership Committee  This helps us advise other members of educational options available in their local areas.   CanNACHI is accepting of other associations’ continuing education.